Courtesy of the Polish Film Archive

Identification Marks: None (Rysopis)

Part of The Cinema of Jerzy Skolimowski
Sunday, June 12, 2011, 6:30 p.m.

Dir. Jerzy Skolimowski. 1965, 73 mins.

35mm print courtesy of the Polish Cultural Institute. With Jerzy Skolimowski, Elzbieta Czyzewska. Skolimowski completed his first feature film, and the first in the Andrzej Leszczyc trilogy, at the Lodz Film School. Rysopis follows Andrzej during his last hours before military service. Through scenes of chance encounters, spying, interrogation, and overheard conversations, Skolimowski creates an atmosphere of distrust in his portrayal of Poland’s postwar generation.

Preceded by short films from Lodz Film School
(All shorts in 35mm prints courtesy of Lodz Film School)

Little Hamlet
1960. 8 mins. A group of Warsaw proletarians assume the traits of the characters in Hamlet as they listen to a record describing each persona.

1960. 3 mins. This surrealist and mysterious short focuses on a woman who seems both attracted to and repelled by a man in a room covered with newspapers.

The Menacing Eye
1960. 2 mins. A few moments in the life of a carnival knife-thrower.

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