After Ray

Screening & Live Event
Best of Philip K. Dick Shorts

Part of Philip K. Dick Film Festival 2020
Saturday, March 7, 2020, 4:00 p.m.
Museum of the Moving Image - Bartos Screening Room

Followed by a Q&A with directors and producers

Ryoko’s Qubit Summer. Dir. Yuichi Kondo. Japan. 2018, 17 mins. The same technology was used to create KANUMA, an experimental world of Artificial Intelligence inside a quantum computer. Then one day, AIs began using words unknown to man. Scientists saw this as a threat and decided to "delete" KANUMA.

Beyond the Door
Dir. Hekla Egilsdottir. Iceland. 2018, 13 mins. A stagnant young couple, named Noi and Irma, are dealing with Irma’s depression. Noi buys Irma a cuckoo clock, reminiscent of the one her mother used to have when she was a child, in an attempt to cheer her. Irma’s monotonous, stay-at-home life takes a sudden turn with the introduction of her newfound friend, the cuckoo. Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick.

Nectar. Dir. Anthony Zwartouw. Prods. Alexandra Greene, Anthony Zwartouw. Canada. 2019, 20 mins. A man lives out his days on a desert island prison of his own making, slave to the nectar fruit, surveyed by the parasitical guard, when he is awoken by the deep traumas of his past that he can no longer suppress.

After Ray. Dir. Nathasha Halevi. Prod. Sean Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Gilmore Girls). United States. 2019, 12 mins. In the aftermath of the singularity, Cole, the first “modified” human, struggles with memory loss, indicating an unstable future for humans and potential end to humanity. U.S. premiere

Wide Awake in Bridgewater. Dir. Erik Lee. Prods. Erik Lee, Mark Lynch. United States. 2020, 15 mins. In 1968, 18-year-old Michael Gates and Monica Dupré are enjoying an afternoon in the countryside when she disappears. Fifty-one years later, elderly Michael starts receiving phone messages from her, and we discover what happened that fateful day. Erik Lee has been a co-producer of dramatic television for over a decade now, on shows such as Monk, Burn Notice, Damien, Hand of God, Mayans, and Lone Gunmen.

QTR. Dir. Pat Bird. United States. 2019, 1 mins. A classic mental exercise from Robert Anton Wilson's "Prometheus Rising.”

Circadia. Dir. Jacob Murray. United States. 2019, 5 mins. Your attention is no longer yours. For the next four minutes, it belongs to her. She calls for liberation. She calls for you to snap out of the spell. Can you hear her? Will you demand silence?

Hashtag. Dir. Ben Alpi. Prod. Jyotica Virmani. United States. 2019, 15 mins. In a looming future where social media celebrities dominate our culture, X is the world’s supreme online icon—but how far will she go to hold on to her popularity?

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