Courtesy of the KINO POLSKA Foundation

Blind Chance (Przypadek)

Dir. Krzysztof Kieslowski. 1981, 120 mins. DCP. With Boguslaw Linda, Tadeusz Lomnicki, Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, Marzena Trybala, Monika Gozdzik. Polish megastar Boguslaw Linda plays a third-year medical student who gets the dean's permission to interrupt his studies and travel to Warsaw. He has to run for his train. Kieslowski shows three possible outcomes based on whether he makes it on time: in one he becomes a Communist party activist, in another he joins the opposition, and in a third, he gets married and lives non-politically. "A man is predestined, as it were, to behave in a certain way regardless of the circumstances. The character in this film finds himself on three different paths, but remains essentially the same throughout." (Krzysztof Kieslowski) Preceded by The Tram (1966, 5 mins. 35mm. With Maria Janiec, Jerzy Braszka). Kieskowski’s student film precursor to Blind Chance. At night, a boy runs and jumps on a tram. There are very few passengers: a worker on his way to work, a pretty girl. The boy, attracted to the girl, tries to make her laugh, then watches her fall asleep. He gets off at his stop, but then has second thoughts.

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