Devils Reign

Undervolt & Co. Mixtape

Part of First Look 2015
Saturday, January 17, 2015, 6:00 p.m.

Introduced by artist Peter Burr

Video label Undervolt & Co. was founded in 2013 to create an online distribution platform for experimental video art, rejecting traditional ideas of scarcity to embrace an Internet-era model that allows for infinite copies. The artists on Undervolt and Co.’s roster create challenging works of sound and image that explore the vast possibilities of their tools and the very edges of the medium. Underlying their efforts is a collective earnestness that manifests broadly from horror to psychedelia to nostalgia. Works include Green | Red (Peter Burr. 2014, 10 mins.), Vortex (Cristopher Cichocki, 2014, 1 min.), The Urgency [excerpt] (Extreme Animals. 2014, 5 mins.), Reality Television [excerpt] (Alexander Peverett. 2015, 6 mins. World Premiere), 1. Littoral Zones (Sabrina Ratté. 2014, 6 mins.), Leather (Jimmy Joe Roche. 2014, 3 mins.), Devils Reign (Yoshi Sodeoka. 2013, 5 mins.), SN-01-003 (Spectral Net. 2013, 5 mins.), Bubbling Image (Jennifer Juniper Stratford. 2013, 2 mins.), Solitary Depths (Jennifer Juniper Stratford. 2013, 2 mins.), and Dazzling Odyssey: The Electric Mind [excerpt] (Johnny Woods. 2013, 5 mins.)

Free admission. Tickets will be given out on the day of the screening on a first-come, first-served basis. Members (Film Lover level and above) may reserve tickets by emailing [email protected].