Our Footloose Remake

Shorts Program: Rural Route Film Festival

Part of The Rural Route Film Festival
Sunday, August 7, 2011, 2:00 p.m.

Select Scenes from Our Footloose Remake
Dirs. Mike Manasewitsch, Willy Roberts, Erik Beck, Chris Cantwell. 2011, 15 mins. In October 2008, Paramount Pictures announced that it would remake Footloose, starring Zac Efron. “We decided 'Let’s beat them to the punch. Let’s do this our way.'” The resultant film is a feature-length collaboration by 54 filmmakers who divided the original 1984 Footloose into 54 different scenes.

From the Ashes
Dir. Dan Sokolowski. (MI, p. 23) 2009, 4 mins. A film about the rejuvenation of life from the ashes of forest fires, photographed along the Klondike Highway, Yukon, Canada.

Dir. Sara Newens. 2010, 7 mins. From the environmental factors that propel the flames, to the physical and emotional toll it takes to fight against nature day after day, Fireline is a visceral and meditative insight into fighting wildland fires.

Dir. Deb Shoval. 2010, 14 mins. AWOL tells the story of a young woman who, days before her deployment to Afghanistan, returns to her home in rural Pennsylvania, and dreams of running away to Canada.

Dir. Robert Todd. 2008, approx 4 mins. A storm passes over the family farm; light and life shift and move... The fourth and final 16mm film in a series chronicling the passing of the director's father-in-law.

Dir. Kevin Hoffman. 2011, 3 mins. Spring has arrived, and a shoreline of lonely Canadian ice fishing shacks await their journey home. A young girl discovers a world of mystery as the ice shacks and their inhabitants come to life.

Dir. Craig Macneill. 2010, 11 mins. Ted Henley lives with his father in their run-down motel on a desolate stretch of road. He earns his tiny allowance by collecting the road kill that litters the highway. But when the motel cash register starts to run dry, Ted turns his attention to collecting bigger game.

There's a Dead Crow Outside
Dir./Animator Morgan Miller. 2011, 1 min.

Her Man Plan
Dir. Lulu Keating. 2010, 6 mins. From her isolated northern cabin in the Yukon, Stephanie hitches up a dog team to fetch her man of choice. But on the frozen Yukon River, she is ambushed by the man who has chosen her.

Sand Mountain
Dir. Kathryn McCool. 2009, 34 mins. Setting off with a borrowed video camera, Kathryn McCool drives alone through the American South to meet the reclusive musician Cast King, and to attempt to find the America she had, as a youth, re-created in her own backyard in rural New Zealand. Comparing what she finds with what was for so long imagined, she journeys into her borrowed culture.

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