Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Cancer

Introduced by Lucius Barre, Benj Gerdes, and Jennifer Hayashida

Dir. Eugenio Polgovsky. 2004, 52 mins.

Digital projection. A pointed dispatch from the deserts of inland Mexico, where impoverished families use homemade traps and weapons to hunt snakes and birds amid arid brushland. Eugenio Polgovsky’s first film captures a state of existence that might as well be prehistoric—and, in a remarkable final act, pulls back to reveal its place within a contemporary economic system.

Preceded by:
Dir. Michael Glawoggwer. 1987. 3 mins. Digital projection.

Populus Tremula
Dirs. Benj Gerdes and Jennifer Hayashida. 2010. 9 mins. 16mm.

Me Broni Ba
Dir. Akosua Owusu. 2008. 22 mins. Digital projection.

The Sixth Section
Dir. Alex Rivera. 2003, 26 mins. Digital projection.

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