Los Muertos. Courtesy of FACETS

Los Muertos

Introduced by Moving Image Source editor and film critic, Dennis Lim

Dir. Lisandro Alonso. 2004, 78 mins.

35mm. The mesmerizing second feature by Argentinian director Lisandro Alonso (Liverpool, La Libertad) observes a middle-aged man named Vargas on his last two days of a long prison sentence and on his first two days of freedom. Alonso sustains a subtle atmosphere of dread and mystery throughout Vargas’s trancelike journey into the jungle and upriver, as he reacquaints himself with the natural world in all its beauty and brutality.

Preceded by:
The Pottery Maker
Dir. Robert Flaherty. 1925. 14 mins. Digital projection.

Dir. Mika Rottenberg. 2007. 16 mins. Digital projection.

Free with Museum admission.

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