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Taxi Driver


Across 110th Street: Images of Harlem on Film
January 27–February 17, 2002
View details » Shaft
Dark Manhattan
Across 110th Street
A Pinewood Dialogue with Ossie Davis: Cotton Comes to Harlem
A Rage in Harlem
Aaron Loves Angela
Moon Over Harlem
The Cool World
Paradise in Harlem
The Brother from Another Planet
The Cotton Club
Souls of Sin
A Pinewood Dialogue with William Greaves: From These Roots
Black Roots
A Pinewood Dialogue with Jean Bach: A Great Day in Harlem

Attack and Aftermath: Documenting September 11
September 7–11, 2002
View details » Circling Zero: We See Absence
In Memoriam: New York City, 9/11
Seven Days in September
WTC Uncut

Carnal Knowledge: The Sexual Revolution on Film 1967–1972
August 3–September 28, 2002
View details » Midnight Cowboy
Carnal Knowledge
Coming Apart
Belle de Jour
Lonesome Cowboys
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice
A Clockwork Orange
Fellini Satyricon
The Decameron
Sweetback's Baadassss Song
W.R. - Mysteries of the Organism
Women in Love
Sunday, Bloody Sunday
A Pinewood Dialogue with Radley Metzger: The Lickerish Quartet
Carmen, Baby
Hi, Mom!
Is There Sex After Death?
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Fritz the Cat

Christine Vachon and Killer Films: The Lifetime Series</strong>
June 8–9, 2002
View details » Apparatus Shorts
A Pinewood Dialogue with Mary Harron: I Shot Andy Warhol
A Pinewood Dialogue with Christine Vachon: Velvet Goldmine
Surprise shorts
A Pinewood Dialogue with Todd Solondz: Happiness
A Pinewood Dialogue with Kimberly Peirce: Boys Don't Cry

May 11–12, 2002
View details » The Last Voyage
Remember the Night
The Four Feathers
After Tomorrow

Directed by Martin Scorsese
November 9–December 29, 2002
View details » Mean Streets
A Pinewood Dialogue with Martin Scorsese
Who's That Knocking at My Door?
Boxcar Bertha
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymor
Taxi Driver
New York, New York
The Last Waltz
American Boy
Martin Scorsese Directs
A Pinewood Dialogue with Thelma Schoonmaker: Raging Bull
The King of Comedy
After Hours
The Color of Money
Cape Fear
The Last Temptation of Christ
Short Works
The Age of Innocence
Bringing Out the Dead
Screening the Gangs of New York
A Personal Journey With Martin Scorsese Through American Movies
My Voyage to Italy

East European Women: The Films of Judit Elek & Nana Djodjadze
November 2–3, 2002
View details » The Lady from Constantinople
Panel Discussion: Eastern European Women on Screen
Maria's Day (Maria-Nap)
A Free Man: The Life of Erno Fisch
Robinson Crusoe in Georgia (Robinsoniada)
A Chef in Love
27 Missing Kisses

Hard-Boiled Hollywood
April 6–May 5, 2002
View details » Double Indemnity
Mildred Pierce
Raymond Chandler/Philip Marlowe: The Big Sleep
Raymond Chandler/Philip Marlowe: The Long Goodbye
Dashiell Hammett: The Maltese Falcon
Dashiell Hammett: Hammett
W.B.Burnett: High Sierra
W.B.Burnett: The Asphault Jungle
Cornell Woolrich: Phantom Lady
Patricia Highsmith: The American Friend
Mickey Spillane: Kiss Me Deadly
Donald Westlake: Point Blank
Jim Thompson: The Killing
Jim Thompson: Coup de Torchon
Walter Mosley: The Devil in a Blue Dress
Norman Mailer: Tough Guys Don't Dance
Elmore Leonard: Jackie Brown
Elmore Leonard: Out of Sight

Hollywood Independents: A History of United Artists
October 5–27, 2002
View details » Orphans of the Storm
City Lights
Thief of Bagdad
A Star is Born
Four Feathers
Sweet Smell of Success
Birdman of Alcatraz
Night of the Hunter
Paths of Glory
Panel Discussion: United Artists: Past, Present, Future
The Apartment
Last Tango in Paris

Master Class: The Art of Cinematography
September 14–November 29, 2002
View details » An Afternoon with Gordon Willis: Pennies from Heaven
All the President's Men
The Purple Rose of Cairo
Personal Velocity
A Pinewood Dialogue with Ellen Kuras: Summer of Sam
An Afternoon with Ed Lachman: The Limey
Far From Heaven
An Afternoon with Conrad Hall: The Day of the Locust
In Cold Blood
Fat City
Searching for Bobby Fischer

New York, New York: Films Selected by the New York Film Critics Circle
February 23–March 31, 2002
View details » Empire
All About Eve
She's Gotta Have It
Rear Window
Love Affair
Where the Heart Is
Force of Evil
Pickup on South Street
Nothing Sacred
The Clock
King Kong
The Cruise
Bye Bye Braverman
The Plot Against Harry
Taking Off
I Like It Like That
The Warriors
Mixed Blood
"Underground" Street Films
Mean Streets
Dog Day Afternoon
New York, New York
All That Jazz

Repertory Nights
January 5–March 24, 2002
View details » The Red Shoes
Juliet of the Spirits
The Seventh Seal
Shoot the Piano Player
Le Samourai
The Bad Sleep Well
Death in Venice
Aguirre, Wrath of God
Band of Outsiders

Rescued Treasures: Restored Films from American Archives and Studios
May 18–June 2, 2002
View details » Curator Michael Mashon presents Treasures from the Library of Congress: Children of Divorce
Treasures from the George Eastman House: Pandora's Box
An Afternoon at the Movies: Treasures from UCLA Film and Television Archive
Treasures from the Museum of Modern Art: Dante's Inferno
Treasures from the Museum of Modern Art: It Should Happen to You
John Kirk presents MGM/UA's Restoration of Mad Max
Sony's Restoration of Easy Rider
Scott Macqueen presents Walt Disney restorations: Spellbound
Scott Macqueen presents Walt Disney restorations: Portrait of Jennie

Rudolph Valentino and Other Exotic Lovers
June 15–30, 2002
View details » The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Blood and Sand
The Torrent
The Temptress
The Sheik
Son of the Sheik
Loves of Carmen
The Devil is a Woman
Camille (1921)
Camille (1927)
In Gay Madrid
Under a Texas Moon

The Nonconformist: Jack Nicholson on Film, 1970–1980
July 6–21, 2002
View details » Five Easy Pieces
The King of Marvin Gardens
Drive, He Said
The Last Detail
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The Fortune
The Passenger
Goin' South
The Missouri Breaks
The Shining

W.C. Fields
January 5–20, 2002
View details » So's Your Old Man
You're Telling Me
Sally of the Sawdust
Running Wild
Million Dollar Legs
The Old Fashioned Way
It's a Gift
The Man on the Flying Trapeze
You Can't Cheat an Honest Man
My Little Chikadee
The Bank Dick
Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

World Cinema Showcase
July 18–September 19, 2002
View details » Manito
Once Upon a Ride
12 Hours

Boys Don't Cry

Road to Perdition

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13 Conversations About One Thing
May 5, 2002
Screening followed by Pinewood Dialogue with Jill Sprecher

About Schmidt
December 10, 2002
Screening followed by Pinewood Dialogue with Jim Taylor

A Great Day in Harlem
February 17, 2002
Screening followed by Pinewood Dialogue with Jean Bach in person

All or Nothing
September 25, 2002
Preview screening followed by Pinewood Dialogue with Mike Leigh in person

A Rage in Harlem
February 2, 2002
Screening with Edward Margolies in person

Boys Don't Cry
June 9, 2002
Screening with Kimberly Peirce in person

Cotton Comes to Harlem
February 2, 2002
Screening with Ossie Davis in person

December 7, 2002
Preview screening with Charles Stone III in person

Eastern European Women on Screen
November 2, 2002
Panel discussion with Catherine Portugues and Nana Djordjadze

Far From Heaven
September 22, 2002
Preview screening with Todd Haynes in person

From These Roots
February 16, 2002
Preview screening with William Greaves in person

April 25, 2002
Preview screening with Karyn Kusama in person

June 9, 2002
Preview screening with Todd Solondz in person

Ice Age
March 22, 2002
Preview screening with Chris Wedge in person

I Shot Andy Warhol
June 8, 2002
Preview screening followed by Pinewood Dialogue with Mary Harron in person

Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
April 1–5, 2002
Spring Break screening

Lovely and Amazing
June 23, 2002
Preview screening with Nicole Holofcener in person

Martin Scorsese in conversation with Janet Maslin
November 9, 2002

Museum of the Moving Image Salutes Mel Gibson
Tribute to Mel Gibson, with remarks by Glenn Close, Richard Donner, Dame Edna Everage, Jodie Foster, Danny Glover, Goldie Hawn, Chris Rock, Kurt Russell, and Gary Sinise

December 15, 2002
Preview screening with Joe Carnahan, Ray Liotta, and Jason Patric in person

No Such Thing
April 5, 2002
Preview screening with Hal Hartley in person

August 2, 2002
Preview screening with Neil LaBute in person

Raging Bull
November 24, 2002
Screening with Thelma Schoonmaker in person

Road to Perdition
July 8, 2002
Preview screening with Sam Mendes in person

Screamin' Jay Hawkins: I Put a Spell on Me
May 10–11, 2002
Screening with Nicholas Triandafyllidis in person

January 21, 2002
Preview screening with Todd Solondz in person

Student Academy Awards Regional Finals
April 21, 2002
Awards ceremony

The Cat's Meow
February 22, 2002
Preview screening with Peter Bogdanovich in person

The Execution of Wanda Jean
May 9, 2002
Preview screening with Liz Garbus in person

The Grey Zone
September 20, 2002
Preview screening with Tim Blake Nelson in person

The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love
May 23, 2002
Preview screening with Maria Maggenti in person

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
February 28, 2002
Preview screening with Jim Rygiel in person

The Lickerish Quartet
August 25, 2002
Preview screening with Radley Metzger in person

The Truth About Charlie
October 20, 2002
Preview screening with Jonathan Demme in person

United Artists: Past, Present, Future
October 26, 2002
Panel discussion with Bingham Ray, Steven Bach, and Tino Balio

Eternity and a Day

The Colour of Paradise

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Moving Image at Socrates Sculpture Park, On the Waterfont: Celebrating Cultural Diversity of Queens
July 10–August 28, 2002
Presented by Museum of the Moving Image and Socrates Sculpture Park
View details » Me You Them
She’s Gotta Have It
Eternity and a Day
Chac, The Rain God
The Color of Paradise