Los Reyes. Courtesy of Grasshopper Films

New Release
Los Reyes

August 30–September 8, 2019
The oldest skate park in Santiago, Chile, Los Reyes brings together teenagers from very different social and cultural backgrounds. It is also the home of two mangy, charismatic dogs, Chola and Football. Chola is young and vigorous and spends her days playing with balls that she pushes into the empty pools where skaters ride. Football is an old dog, yet still an energetic partner in Chola's game. On the periphery are the teenagers, whose stories and conversations are overhead as the dogs sit, sleep, investigate, and play. The stars of the film remain ever in the present, while notions of time, transition, and aging hang poignantly at the edges of the frame. Watch trailer.

“[A] beautiful film... The directors avoid symbolism or didacticism, and instead immerse us in a sense of life lived at the languid pace of an afternoon daydream.” - Bilge Ebiri, The New York Times. (Critic's Pick.)

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