Distant Constellation

New Adventures in Nonfiction (2019)

For several years now, the most consistently adventurous, unpredictable, intelligent, and dynamic films have been works of nonfiction. While never a simple, stodgy, info-based category of film—regardless of what some have claimed or assumed—today’s nonfiction filmmakers are newly committed to inventing new genres and modes, and to expanding, exploding, refining, and interrogating them as they happen. These are days of artistic masterpieces, cris de coeur, impeccably crafted yarns, and purposefully irreconcilable experiments all working within the deceptively nondescript “documentary” catchall. This ongoing series will showcase some of the most exciting and challenging works of recent nonfiction.

Organized by Curator of Film Eric Hynes

Click here to view all past programs in the series, which began in April 2016.