The Lobster. Courtesy A24 Films

Curators' Choice

December 30–January 12, 2017

This year’s edition of Curators’ Choice, an eclectic annual survey, offers an array of immersive and inventive works. An exciting blend of fiction and documentary works, the series includes the epic-length eight-hour nonfiction film O.J.: Made in America and the five-hour Japanese drama Happy Hour, and ranges from the distinctly poetic visual style in the one-of-a-kind narrative films The Lobster, The Fits, and Neon Bull, to four documentaries that ask us to view the world in a new way—The Other Side, No Home Movie, Under the Sun, and Cameraperson—to one of the year’s most unabashedly entertaining movies, Everybody Wants Some!!

Organized by Chief Curator David Schwartz and Associate Film Curator Eric Hynes