The Master

The Master: Philip Seymour Hoffman

September 16–October 2, 2016

The great actor Philip Seymour Hoffman had an uncanny ability to disappear into a role yet at the same time to invest his performances with such complexity, depth, and empathy that they always felt deeply personal. Drawn to playing highly flawed characters, he was able to seem at once larger than life and recognizably imperfect. In over 60 film performances, the boldness of his choices was always breathtaking. As he once said, “It’s all risk! Living a life is basically about you entering one situation after another that you may or may not want to enter. Everything has stakes, everything has meaning, everything has consequences.” A profound search for truth was at the core of his art, and his death in 2014 was a tremendous loss to the public and to the many actors, directors, and colleagues whose lives he touched so profoundly. The screenings will be accompanied by guest appearances, to be announced, and clips from his other films, to showcase his astonishing versatility.

Special thanks to Mimi O’Donnell.