The 13th Annual New York Korean Film Festival

November 6–11, 2015

The 13th Annual New York Korean Film Festival showcases the nation's cinema doing what it does best: the crime thriller, the romantic fantasy, and feverish erotica. The peninsula’s filmmakers bend genre cinema to a uniquely Korean pulse and purpose, making the modestly sized country's national film industry arguably the most vibrant in East Asia. The thrilling complications of love and crime steal the show in this year's line up, as partnerships go south and fickle passions lead to betrayal. Resistance fighters navigate the intrigue of colonial-era Korea, love affairs are smothered as quickly as they are kindled, and hardboiled cops dig at the ugly truth in a collection of massive blockbusters and critical favorites from the international festival circuit, with five New York premieres.

The festival features an exceptional group of guest speakers, including star director Ryoo Seung-wan and producers Kang Hye-jung and Park Jung (Veteran); directors Shin Suwon (Madonna), Lee Do-yun (Confession), Kang Hyo-jin (Wonderful Nightmare), Oh Seung-uk (The Shameless), and Hong Won-chan (Office); and actress Ko Ah-sung (Office, The Host, Snowpiercer).

Presented in collaboration with The Korea Society and Subway Cinema
Major support provided by the Korea Foundation