Playtime. Courtesy of Janus Films.

See It Big! High and Wide

March 6–13, 2015

Presented in conjunction with a Reverse Shot online symposium

What does it really mean to talk about a film’s sense of space? The Museum’s online publication, Reverse Shot, asks this in a new symposium, in which contributors were asked to select a film and discuss what is being communicated within its frame by focusing on the literal height and width of the frame itself. Whether it is the widescreen CinemaScope aspect ratio of 2.35:1, the more boxed-in full-frame of 1.33:1, or something in between, the dimensions of a movie can suggest broader questions for cinema as a whole. This special selection of films in the Museum’s ongoing See It Big! series was organized in conjunction with the Reverse Shot in Space symposium, offering viewers the chance to get a grander sense of how filmmakers use the frame to its full advantage.

See It Big! is an ongoing series organized by Reverse Shot editors Michael Koresky and Jeff Reichert, Chief Curator David Schwartz, and Assistant Film Curator Aliza Ma.