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The Muppet Show

July 7–September 30, 2012

Jim Henson’s Muppets return to the Museum with continuous screenings of select episodes
of The Muppet Show, the primetime series that was the most widely watched television show
around the world in the late 1970s. Liza Minnelli, Raquel Welch, Harry Belafonte, Debbie Harry,
and many others perform alongside Miss Piggy, Kermit, Rowlf, and Fozzie; a new episode
will screen each week. Episodes of The Muppet Show are shown continuously during Museum hours in the Tisch Education Center.

Saturday, July 7–Friday, July 13
Episode 314: Harry Belafonte
As Fozzie takes over the writing of the show, the musical legend performs “Day-O” and “Turn the World Around"
Original airdate: February 17, 1979

Saturday, July 14–Friday, July 20

Episode 409: Beverly Sills
Opera Star Sills tap dances and sings country music before facing off with Miss Piggy for the lead in “Pigoletto”
Original airdate: November 10, 1979

Saturday, July 21–Friday, July 27
Episode 414: Liza Minnelli
The Muppets present a whodunit featuring Liza and performances of “Copacabana” and “Everything’s Coming Up Roses”
Original airdate: November 17, 1979

Saturday, July 28–Friday, August 3
Episode 420: Alan Arkin
A batch of Jekyll-Hyde potion wreaks havoc on Alan Arkin and the Muppets. More than 30 years later, Arkin once again joined the Muppets for the 2011 film “The Muppets.”
Original airdate: May 24, 1980

Saturday, August 4–Friday, August 10
Episode 424: Diana Ross
A tough audience is particularly hard on the Muppet performances in this episode, but loves Diana Ross’ renditions of “Love Hangover,” “Last Time I Saw Him” and “Reach Our and Touch.”
Original airdate: May 17, 1980

Saturday, August 11–Friday, August 17
Episode 507: Glenda Jackson
Pirate Glenda Jackson and her band of buccaneers take over the Muppet theater and set off to find buried treasure.
Original airdate: November 8, 1980

Saturday, August 18–Friday, August 24
Episode 502: Loretta Swit
When Kermit fires Miss Piggy for spreading rumors that they were secretly married, M*A*S*H star Loretta Swit takes over the first mate’s chair in “Pigs in Space.”
Original airdate: November 15, 1980

Saturday, August 25–Friday, August 30
Episode 504: Victor Borge
The “Great Dane” of music and comedy joins Rowlf for a piano duet and performs Tchaikovsky with Bobby Benson’s Baby Band.
Original airdate: November 3, 1979

Saturday, September 1–Friday, September 7
Episode 509: Debbie Harry
Robin’s Frog Scout troop is excited to meet guest star Debbie Harry, who performs “One Way or Another,” “Call me,” and joins Kermit for a duet of “Rainbow Connection.”
Original airdate: February 21, 1981

Saturday, September 8–Friday, September 14
Episode 513: Tony Randall
Tony accidentally turns Miss Piggy into a statue and spends most of the episode trying to turn her back.
Original airdate: October 11, 1980

Saturday, September 15–Friday, September 21
Episode 514: Mac Davis
When a Muppet Labs copying machine goes wrong, duplicates of Beaker take over the theater.
Original airdate: November 22, 1980

Saturday, September 22–Sunday, September 30
Episode 311: Raquel Welch
Fozzie suffers a crisis of confidence and Miss Piggy crashes Raquel’s solo as the two sex symbols face off.
Original airdate: November 25, 1978

Special thanks to Craig Shemin, president of the Jim Henson Legacy and longtime Muppets writer.