Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control. Courtesy of Photofest

Errol Morris's America

July 12–August 14, 2011

The talking head—a seemingly simple, straightforward shot of a person being interviewed—is the most conventional element of documentary filmmaking, an easy fallback for nonfiction directors. Nobody has made more of an art form of the talking head, or used it with keener intelligence, than Errol Morris. With deadpan wit and an ability to examine large topics by focusing on his subjects with unflinching scrutiny, Morris has created a vivid, often comical, often disturbing portrait of America through his films. He has also bridged the gap between art and reportage. His films are deceptive; though Morris seems to be stepping back from his subjects and letting them speak for themselves, his editorial and artistic intelligence is apparent in every frame.

All films directed by Errol Morris.